Love as a source of inspiration

How to get tuned?

I fall in love quickly, and if I like a girl, I must have a date with her. I find something attractive in her face, body or manners, and try to express those traits in my works. I can’t say female sculptures are my profile, but I definitely enjoy making them. Unfortunately, I cool off easily too, so I’m constantly in search of new looks and emotions.

There are times, though, when female beauty isn’t enough to inspire me, and then I address pictures and sculptures made by someone else to look at things from the new angle. And although I’m quite knowledgeable about the great period of Renaissance, and classic masterpieces, and all the goofy avant-garde stuff, I prefer simple pretty paintings, like here, that disclose the topic of love and romance. I’ve seen hundreds of canvases made by various painters, and they always help get tuned to the process of creation. But there is one artist whose works I like most. And this is Leonid Afremov.


Why exactly? Let’s see. They are colorful. They are romantic. They are cheerful. They are simple. But they are always more than just pretty colorful paintings. Look for small details, hints left by the author – and a usual scene will turn something bigger. Shall we try?..


Warm embrace in a cold night

Books and movies teach us that romance must be perfect. Every moment, everything that happens should just fit into one perfect date. And if something goes wrong, the whole thing falls apart. But romance doesn’t always have to be convenient, and canvases by Leonid Afremov prove it. Just look at the painting above. It’s called ‘Autumn Hug.’ What does it make you think about?


  • The couple is strolling under the pouring rain, it looks so romantic!
  • They are hurrying home, because there is nothing worse than a date ruined by nasty weather.


If you belong to the second category, Mr. Afremov will make you believe you were wrong! He uses warm, bright shades to show that the rain isn’t so cold and nasty. On the contrary, the park glows with all imaginable colors and there is so much light… It must be so great to stroll under the rain drops with someone you love, laughing and kissing, all wet and covered in mud, and enjoy the perfectly imperfect moment! You may say I’m a dreamer, and I’ll agree with you. But isn’t art all about dreaming? I believe it is…


Best musician ever

I can’t imagine my life without music. When I’m in my workshop, I like listening to different bands in tune with my mood. Do you have a favorite artist? I’m a real music lover, and my taste spans quite a lot of genres. There are plenty of bands and singers I adore, but one name keeps popping up in my playlist all the time. It’s George Michael, and it’s impossible to find a person who has never heard his songs! Well, if only that person lives on the North Pole. He was a very talented singer, and his death was a great loss for everyone who loved his music. You can read about it here What an irony, his number one hit is Last Christmas, and last year’s Christmas became the last day of his life. It reminded me of the fragility of life, and that you can’t buy health, even if you are a person with millions of fans all over the world and millions of dollars on your bank account. It’s a great pity he’ll never premier a new song, and we’ll never see him onstage, never again. Rest in peace, dear George, your brilliant voice will always resound in our hearts!


Hello, guys!

My name is Nickolas, and I live in New York. It’s a wonderful city where you can find hundreds of interesting places. A few years ago, my friend invited me to a party that was dedicated to sculpture. Meeting all those people that were creating beautiful things with their hands changed something in me. I opened a new page in my life and now my new hobby occupies all my spare time. I can’t say my sculptures are perfect, but my friends say I’m making progress. They say I should show them to the rest of the world, and that’s one of the reasons why I started this blog. Of course, I won’t be writing only about sculpture. But hopefully, you’ll find my other thoughts just as interesting!